Doing all the things

Doing all the things

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Full service event planning and production from the first idea to the final bow.

Creative solutions for creative businesses. Experienced and quality management that creates a lasting impact.


As creatives, we dabble in music, wellness products, charity events… This is where you can find all that!

Creative services we offer

Creative services we offer

Expanding your reach in the digital marketplace

social media management & content

marketing strategy
& materials

database development & administration

logo design & branding

full stack web development

technical services
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About Us

A mission-focused creative force for good

At Stone City, our commitment is to enhance the quality of life in every facet of our work. Whether it’s through content creation, design services, full stack web design, or technology solutions, we’re dedicated to connecting people with the products and services they need. We take pride in fostering a strong sense of community and seek collaboration with businesses and organizations that share our values of kindness and connection.

We bring this same sensibility to our event planning and production, products, and non-profit efforts. Every hour of every day, we are focused on one thing – making the world a better place. 

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meet the team

meet the team

the brains behind the scenes

Meet Renee Rummans, the heartbeat of community-driven creativity. As the powerhouse behind Stone City, she’s not just an artist with an eye for design but a badass manager at the MOB Gallery & Studios in Lewistown, Montana.

Fuelled by a relentless passion for connection, Renee thrives on organizing events that leave a mark. From fundraising for a local skatepark to curating music festivals and leading downtown mural projects, she’s all about fostering creative bonds. Her infectious enthusiasm and warm energy bring people together in the most remarkable ways.

Renee is not your average leader; she’s a passion-driven force skilled in community organizing and masterful event planning. Stone City, her brainchild, is a testament to her commitment to making the world a better place. Collaborating with fellow creatives is her forte, and she believes that art, in all its forms, is the ultimate catalyst for building inspiration and community spirit.

Between elevating Central Montana’s cultural scene, managing top-notch events, and being the go-to person for clients’ branding, marketing, and social media needs, Renee still finds time to create a line of all-natural skincare products that boasts a dedicated following. Her world is shared with her husband, Dave, and two amazing kids. In Renee’s universe, creativity, community, and family coalesce into a harmonious symphony of awesomeness

Renee Rummans

Founder of Stone City



We love our clients, and they love us!
I’ve had the privilege of working with Renee for the last couple of years to bring all sorts of excitement to Lewistown. As a business owner, I have the honor of working with many organizations, donating my team, time, and money. I think what stands out most for me when it comes to working with Renee is she is just downright appreciative of the partnership. Very few people/organizations follow up and truly thank you for your contribution. But Renee is all over that. She not only makes a great first impression, but is consistent in her relationship building. Renee is a wonderful communicator and makes it easy to partner with her time and time again.
Rudy Strnad
Wealth and Insurance Jedi
Renee is very professional, timely and creative. She really listens and asks good questions to deliver the best product. I would highly recommend her!
Lori Ann Lutz
Arrowhead Ranch Journeys
I have worked with and for Renee for years, and she is one of my favorite people (clients, and otherwise). I can’t say enough about all that Renee brings to a working relationship. She’s incredibly creative, funny, innovative, and just pure joy to be around. Most importantly, she’s got a heart of gold and a passion for service to her community.
Sara Beth Wald
Redefining Love Boundaries & Trauma Coaching
I recently worked with Stone City for a concert in downtown Lewistown, Montana and arrived to a sold out songwriter showcase. The hospitality started the moment I checked into the historic Calvert Hotel and continued for the next 24 hours until I drove away. The sound engineer was ready way before we were, listened throughout the performance and then made necessary adjustments as needed.
Tom Catmull
Renee and I collaborated on a portion of her Harmonies in the Hangar music series. During this effort, I had the chance to observe her incredible talents as a passionate and action-based leader that knows how to efficiently coordinate an event with many moving pieces. As a complement to her go-getter leadership style, Renee is calm, patient, funny, and empathetic, and is someone I will happily work with again.
Bekhi Spika
Director of Sales and Marketing, Spika Manufacturing and Design


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